Struggling with complicated, outdated spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Ribyt is an innovative new way to handle every little detail of your event, making event planning easier than ever before. Ribyt is a versatile tool that manages all event guest information and experience, whether it’s for a meeting for 20 or an event for 20,000. 

Eric Murphy, founder and CEO of Ribyt and the experimental marketing agency Pop2Life, noticed a need for an easier way to manage events back in 2006. “Spreadsheets are not dynamic documents,” he says. “They’re static. If one detail changes, you have to update multiple different documents—it’s a very arduous process. So there is more room for error.” This led him to create Ribyt, which “automatically updates all of the adjacent information for you.” 

The platform has been used by many events hosted by organizations like MTV, Disney, AMC and Bravo. Ribyt’s functions range from changing flight information to booking a hotel or arranging ground transportation, allowing for a more personal guest experience.

If there is a better hair-of-the-dog drink than a bloody mary, we sure don’t know what it is. Visit Beaumont shared its recipe for a tasty Sunday brunch cocktail, and they even made it for eight, so you can treat your friends!


Born and raised in Bryan, about 90 miles east of Village of Salado, Chadley Hollas, Village of Salado’s director of tourism, says he came to the town with one goal: to help Salado become Texas’ best small destination. His favorite thing about his adopted hometown is the people. “They are quirky, creative and hospitable—a neat combination that makes for many good conversations,” says Hollas.


Question: What is your one must-have for business travel?

"My Mophie power station so I don’t have to compete for outlets during a flight delay or have that awkward moment of leaning into my neighbor’s lap while trying to find an outlet on the plane."

India Rhodes, CSEP Dallas Partner | Wilkinson Rhodes