• GORUCK Challenges Teams With Mission: Teamwork

    FROM THE Summer 2015 ISSUE

    GORUCK Challenges bridge the gap between military and civilian worlds.

GORUCK is a military-inspired company that creates team-building and leadership events designed to teach participants to “embrace the suck” together. Goruck is a verb meaning “to move with a rucksack,” and implies action, energy and purpose.

In 2008, GORUCK was founded by Jason McCarthy, a former member of the United States military. After 9/11, he signed up to join the military and served with the elite Green Berets from 2006 to 2008 as part of the 10th Special Groups Force. According to McCarthy, the mission of his organization is “to build better Americans. That means to teach a way of life where you put the mission, and others, above yourself.”

GORUCK Challenges are team events to bridge the gap between the military and civilian worlds while giving employment opportunities to veterans of special operations in the U.S. Military. GORUCK Challenges provide great experiences for civilians while helping assimilate military veterans back into society. The events held by the company coincide directly with McCarthy’s experience in the special forces. Since 2012, the company has completed 2,500 events all around the world.

GORUCK Challenges provide a variety of events for people of all different physical abilities and interests. The types of events fall under three categories: challenges, expeditions and fun luvin’.

The three main challenge events are GORUCK Light, GORUCK Tough (the original challenge) and GORUCK Heavy. During these events, participants are led by an experienced member of special operations, called a cadre, who is “tasked to teach people how to overcome adversity as individuals and as teammates,” says McCarthy, adding that the experiences are always a team event, never a race. “Events have a positive vibe where you know it’s going to be difficult but you’re there with other people, so it’s completely doable, as are all the best things in life when you’re part of something greater than yourself.”

Another unique event is Corporate Solutions, which is specifically designed to help companies practice teamwork, leadership and communication; the client helps decide whether it will include a physical or nonphysical component. This exceptional opportunity brings military skills to the workplace in a fun, inspiring and innovative way. GORUCK has worked with Google, Caterpillar, Comcast and more.

Texas is a huge hub for GORUCK Challenges with multiple events throughout the year.

“Texans embody and embrace the spirit of everything GORUCK,” says McCarthy. On GORUCK’s website, there is a calendar of challenge, expedition and fun luvin’ events occurring in Texas, making it easy to plan your next team-building experience.

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