Meet Cindy Lo, Red Velvet Events'

IN 2002, Cindy Lo founded the Austin-based meeting and event management firm, Red Velvet Events, a Global DMC partner. It was a long leap from where her career began.

Lo started in the high-tech industry as a project manager and technical pre-sales consultant, at one point working for a software company that is now one of Red Velvet Events’ clients. “I knew I was going to be leaving because I wanted a change in my lifestyle,” says Lo, who recounts traveling Mondays through Thursdays, working out of a home office on Fridays and then hitting the road again on Sundays. “Although I loved my job, I wanted to get to know my city better.”

She tendered her resignation, began a one-year sabbatical and planned to refocus her career to work in the meetings and events industry. But the sabbatical didn’t last. Within six months, Lo had written a business plan, launched her own company and gained her first client. “I didn’t realize how quickly I would become bored,” she says. “I just couldn’t keep still.”

Today, Red Velvet Events is an international award-winning enterprise that helps businesses with their pre-planning and on-site execution of conferences, board meetings, incentive trips, product launches, grand openings, social parties and more. Everything, Lo says—from registration and invitations to on-site meet-and-greets—is handled by the company’s 17 employees.

“We are the event architects,” she says. “Our role as event strategists is to help our clients achieve the end goal, not just to help plan an event. We communicate with them to discover what they want the event to accomplish, and work back from there.”

Lo credits a mix of process-driven technology, stellar customer service and empathetic employees with her company’s success. “I ask my team to put themselves in the client’s shoes,” she says. “When a client really sees us as a partner, that’s a success. You can’t buy that. You have to earn it.”

Red Velvet Events // 512.380.9688

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