Midnight Rambler is a new craft cocktail bar in the heart of downtown Dallas. Upon entering the bar through a sexy tiled staircase highlighted by a neon “cocktails” sign, guests are greeted by a mix of local business people, cocktail lovers, hotel guests and art lovers alike.

Located beneath the beautiful Joule Hotel, Midnight Rambler completes its ambiance with a soundtrack that celebrates rock and soul through the musical expressions of artists such as The Sonics, Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones. Guests will find themselves with the option of sitting at one of two bars or among the distinct lounge areas with chesterfield sofas and cozy banquets.

“Midnight Rambler reflects the stylish, artfocused aesthetic of the Joule, featuring dark leather and metallic finishes, combined with a patchwork of contemporary art and vintage pieces to create a timeless, yet modern feel,” says Brigid Finley, Midnight Rambler’s spokeswoman.

The venue is available for both full and partial buyouts. The two bars offer 2,700 square feet of space and can accommodate 20 guests between them, while the lounge areas seat up to 77 guests. The bar’s punch bowls are a great signature drink experience for groups. 

World-class bartenders Chad Solomon and Christy Pope head the bar program. Before moving to Dallas and opening Midnight Rambler, Solomon and Pope consulted on projects all over the world and worked behind the bar at a number of famed New York establishments, including Milk & Honey. “Their drinks are not to be missed,” says Finley. 

When it comes to planning events, planners must be choosy when determining the venue. Setting priorities like location, size, and technological capabilities sets them up for a successful event, but often forces them to weed out dozens of venues due to their limitations. Although sometimes, a venue comes along that provides the perfect location, high-speed technology, and much more without having to compromise.


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