Smart planners need smart accessories, and that’s where the Clutchette Power comes in. Inside a hidden pocket within the Clutchette is a thin, lightweight battery outfitted with USB cords to recharge smartphones and other USB devices while you’re on the go. Just think, you’ll never have to roam an event searching for free outlets when your phone threatens to die at hour nine of a 12-hour day. Plus, the Clutchette has room for other essentials such as keys, credit cards and more. 

Event professionals are constantly thinking about how to best stimulate our guests’ senses in order to create the most memorable experience and greatest impact, whether it’s a wedding, corporate meeting or event, fundraiser or social gathering. Many people focus on only three of the five senses: taste, sight and sound. Rarely do planners pay attention to touch or smell. Strategically paying attention to scent and how it interacts with other sensory experiences can greatly impact the overall quality of an event.


Teresa Preza first came to Sugar Land 14 years ago while pursuing a job in event management. Today, she’s assistant director of economic development for the city. Here are some of her reasons for calling Sugar Land her “home sweet home.”

TXM+E: What do you love about living in Sugar Land?


This past December, the HALL Arts Hotel opened in Dallas. Located in the largest contiguous arts district in the country, the hotel features 183 rooms, 19 suites, a rooftop pool, restaurant and lounge, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.