Struggling with complicated, outdated spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Ribyt is an innovative new way to handle every little detail of your event, making event planning easier than ever before. Ribyt is a versatile tool that manages all event guest information and experience, whether it’s for a meeting for 20 or an event for 20,000. 

Eric Murphy, founder and CEO of Ribyt and the experimental marketing agency Pop2Life, noticed a need for an easier way to manage events back in 2006. “Spreadsheets are not dynamic documents,” he says. “They’re static. If one detail changes, you have to update multiple different documents—it’s a very arduous process. So there is more room for error.” This led him to create Ribyt, which “automatically updates all of the adjacent information for you.” 

The platform has been used by many events hosted by organizations like MTV, Disney, AMC and Bravo. Ribyt’s functions range from changing flight information to booking a hotel or arranging ground transportation, allowing for a more personal guest experience.

If you’re headed to the Dallas area for a family-friendly group outing or conference, you will definitely want to check out Frisco’s newest attraction: KidZania. The 80,000-square-foot experiential learning space allows kids to explore the everyday workdays of firefighters, construction workers, journalists, fashion designers and more.


San Antonio restaurant Pharm Table is dedicated to reinventing comfort foods while eliminating those inflammatory ingredients with chronic health implications, such as dairy, wheat and processed sugar. Chef/owner Elizabeth Johnson promotes a largely plant-based diet, with smaller portions of clean animal proteins. She takes much of her inspiration from the ayurvedic diet.


San Antonio wholesale grocer Edward Franz Melcher opened Hotel Havana in 1914 as a guest house for his customers. Melcher infused the building with a tropical allure through the use of Mediterranean Revival architecture. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is located on the River Walk. In 2010, it came under the ownership of the hospitality organization Bunkhouse.