Wolfgang Puck Catering

Wolfgang Puck Catering Erases Boring Buffet Lines

Are you beginning to suspect guests are tired of standing in a boring buffet line that presents the usual suspects in the same way every time? Check out Wolfgang Puck Catering’s fun twist on a traditional buffet. The company’s new vertical buffet adds an interactive element to event catering that revitalizes serving lines.

Meet Dana Carroll, NACE

Dana Carroll, CPCE, CWC, may have gotten her start in the event industry by chance, but her involvement in National Association of Catering and Events (NACE) shows that hard work goes a long way. Currently the senior catering sales manager for Wolfgang Puck Catering, Carroll’s accolades include DFW NACE President (2010 2011), NACE National Caterer of the Year (2012) and NACE National Board Member Chapter Presidents Council Chair (2014–2015).

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